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Let me start off by first saying, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet, and secondly for pulling up a chair long enough to read what I have written here. If any of you are familiar with my Flickr stream, then I am sure you are aware of the fact that I am about as prolific a writer as a photographer. This tendency of mine is sometimes a good thing I think, and sometimes not. Let us hope for the former because I have a lot that I would like to be able to say. But for today I figured, as way of an introduction, I would tell you a few important things about me and my beliefs in photography.

I have been seriously dedicated to photography since 2002 when a Pentax K1000 made its way into my hands and almost did not escape again. Not long after that I bought my first “real” camera, a Nikon FM2. My family of cameras has grown much since that first Nikon over the years, but that FM2 is still going strong.

Even though my current range of cameras are all film, and I have never actually owned a digital camera, I put very little stock into the film vs. digital argument, a debate that has quickly wound down over the years. Suffice it to say, that a camera is a camera. The most important parts of photography happen behind the camera, not in it. Those who remember this become better photographers than those who do not.

If you would care to know a few more things about me, then I will admit that I carry a camera with me everywhere. Photography isn’t just something I do here and there, but something that is always threaded into my daily life, whether actively or passively. That in itself tells you something really important about me.

In addition, I love to teach and share. I believe you make yourself better by making those around you better. When I am not working full time at Blue Moon Camera and Machine, I am generally spending my days off teaching photography classes and workshops.

I am not going to use this space, and your time, to list my awards, publications and other accomplishments. Honestly, I don’t really care to, as none of those things really tell you anything important about me. I enjoy the process of photography much more than the results.

If you would like to follow along with some of those results though, and I would invite you to, please do so over at my Flickr stream.